GeLab Membership Terms and Conditions

Any legal entity in Georgia or another country interested in the improvement of laboratory activities, sustainable development of relevant infrastructure and accepting the GeLab’s Charter stipulating the Association membership details, is eligible to become a member of the Association.

In order to become the member of the GeLab, the following conditions must be met:

  • The responsible (contact) person of the company wishing to join the Association must fill in the Membership Application Form and submit it to the Board of the Association, directly or send it by e-mail:
  • The issue of admission to membership is decided by the Board of the Association no later than one month after receiving the application. The Board notifies the applicant of its consent to become a member in person or by e-mail. The date of notification is considered to be the date of membership of the association;
  • The annual membership fee of the Association is 300 GEL. The payment must be made on the basis of an invoice provided by the Association.

Rights and responsibilities of Members

A member of the Association has the right to:

  • Take an active part in the work of the General Meeting of the Association;
  • Participate in the elections to the bodies of the Association;
  • Nominate its candidate(s) for the election to the above bodies and/or participate in various activities (such as drafting of programs, development and review of projects, discussions, etc.);
  • Request and receive full information from the governing bodies of the Association about the activities of the latter;
  • Enjoy member privileges and advantages in respect of the services provided by the Association, as well as use the information and property owned by the Association, in a manner decided upon by the Association Board, taking into account the Association’s best interests;
  • Raise the own concerns and problem issues with the Association and have these considered in an ad hoc format with a view to receiving relevant professional assistance and collegial support;
  • Present own views on various points regulated by the Charter and propose particular topics for consideration by the Association Board. In this event, the Member may undertake the coordination of the work to be performed on a specific topic and receive the respective financial and technical support from the Association;
  • Take part in informative, entertainment and recreational events organized for the Association members.
  • Terminate its membership to the Association in accordance with the rules spelled out in the Charter.

Member of the Association undertakes to:

  • Observe the Charter and the decisions of the Association;
  • Adhere to the goals of the Association and contribute to their implementation;
  • Uphold the dignity and reputation of the Association and handle its property with care;
  • Attend General Meetings of the Association;
  • Attract such new members to the Association whose membership will benefit the Association.  Offer respective recommendation for such entities;
  • When acting in the capacity of an Association member, abide by the principle of mutual understanding and respect;
  • Be amiable to other Members of the Association and assist them to the extent possible;
  • Pay the membership fee according to the rule and in the amount established by the Board.


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