The Association has been established with a view to facilitating the development of a sustainable laboratory infrastructure in Georgia, which includes supporting various types of laboratories (testing, calibration, educational, teaching, research laboratories) to improve their technical competence in line with the requirements of international standards (for testing and calibration laboratories - ISO/IEC17025, for medical laboratories – ISO15189 ). This, in turn, will enable these facilities to obtain and successfully maintain internationally recognized accreditation.

The main goals of the Association are as follows:

Establish and strengthen the collaboration platform aimed at unifying all parties (customers, private businesses, associations, state agencies, including regulatory and quality control bodies, academic and research institutions, etc.) interested in laboratory activities.

Provide technical assistance to the laboratories which includes: provision of consulting and training services, translation of technical literature (standards, regulations), organisation of PTs/ILCs, support in procurement-related matters (equipment, consumables, reagents, and engineer services), etc. 

Facilitate human resource development, which includes upholding the rights of laboratory staff, retention of qualified personnel, and attracting young specialists.

Promote cooperation with partner organizations and colleagues, which includes seeking partners and establishing contacts with them, both locally and internationally.

Seek grants, donors, and other financial aid to support various events (conferences, trainings, publication of scientific and technical literature, etc.).

Improve the socioeconomic conditions for the part of the population of Georgia that will directly or indirectly be involved in the above-mentioned activities.


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